Hi there, I’m Tina

Founder & Chief Jammer

“I want to remove your stress of having to keep up with your social media. I’m here to make your life easier and keep your social media accounts active, engaging and most importantly OFF your to do list.”

With over 20 years experience in personal assistant and administrative roles, as well as 10 years in business for herself as a virtual assistant and social media manager, Tina has a wealth of knowledge and experience in her field.

She has worked with a range of businesses in many industries including the public and private sector, marketing & communications, unions, finance, infrastructure as well as with various trades, real estate, retail and more.

She loves to support entrepreneurs and small business owners with many hats to wear by taking care of their social media management and growth. Tina can become an extension of the team and also offer support for a range of other regular marketing, administrative or virtual assistant needs to make life easier – like email marketing, newsletters, blog writing and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions around social media management

What is a social media management agency?

A social media management agency has the knowledge and resources to be able to get your brand heard and seen in the right space. Offering services across different social media platforms, agencies understand that different platforms are more suitable to certain business than others. Social media agencies also take into account the differences between dynamic ads, story ads, video ads, photo ads and user-generated content and how they target your audience in a variety of ways.

Why do I need a social media agency?

Trying to manage your own social media campaigns can be costly, time consuming and unsuccessful if you lack the proper skills and resources. Social media managers, like us, know the ins and outs of social media marketing and posses the skills, resources and knowledge to target your audience.

How often will you post?

Every business has a different strategy, with a different end goal, therefore the posting schedule is different for each business. We have a variety packages available, with different minimum posting schedules, to cater to your business specifically. We are here to help you and can tailor a package to suit your business and goals, if that is what you require.

Why is social media good for advertising?

Social Media allows you to target your audience across a variety of demographics, including age, gender, income, education and location. It also opens opportunities to target a variety of psychographics, like interests and opinions. Analysing your target audience provides valuable insights for most business functions.

Why is social media important?

Social Media allows us to stay connected in ways we were never able to do before, we are able to share, communicate and collaborate quicker, easier and all in one place. Where businesses, like yours, are able to use social media to communicate with their audience, they can also use social media to create connections, generate brand awareness, leads, sales and revenue.

How will I know if what you are doing is working?

Depending on your goals, objectives and time frame, you will be able to see results in the analysis review that we will regularly complete for you during our catch up meetings.